THE PARLOPHONICS - A Day In The Life (Review)

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Here to talk about A day in the life, the new album by The Parlophonics, an alternative rock band from Germany formed by the songwriter Robert Horvath (Guitars, Bass), Fernando Perdomo (Guitars, Drums), and Hugh Macdonald (Lead vocals). The album was composed and recorded during the pandemic lockdown by sending files to each other online.

The album cover is really nice as it is simple and memorable (and also with a retro taste).
You know my opinion about album covers: keep it simple. The tracklist is also "approved" with 10 songs per 45 minutes. If you follow this page you know how many times I said that this is generally the right length for an album, unless of course, we talk about masterpieces. 

But let's focus on the music of The Parlophonics: the album starts with the title track, which is a Beatles-oriented song, starting from the title, A day in the life. Really good chorus on this one and a good way to start an album. Very easy going and relaxed the following one, These days followed by the "Americana" Staring at the sun

The Beatles inspiration is kind of obvious in Feel the light. Impressive vocals on this one with amazing work on backing vocals, always balanced and meticulously made. Guitars are great too, this is one of my favourite of the album. Really good choruses on Higher ground and Make it right, with a very good crescendo leading to the ending. The album ends with the longest song on the album, It's alright, 6 minutes long and with a good chorus as well.

A day in the life is a really good album and if you are a Beatles or 60s lover. I really enjoyed listening to this. Give it a try clicking on the Spotify link and follow The Parlophonics through the links below. 

Top tracks: These days, Higher ground, Make it right.
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