UFN (UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE) - This is temporary (Review)

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UFN (Until Further Notice) is an Alt-Pop Punk Rock band from Livermore, Ca.
The band has been creating music for 3 years and it's formed by the vocalist Sadie-ReiJon B on guitar, the UFN's founder bassist and composer, Jack and the Drummer Ru on the drums.

This is temporary is the second album by the band (Trmlb was the name of the debut), with 12 songs for 43 minutes of music. Let's start with the cover, as usual, saying that it's totally my style: simple, nice colors and stylish. Approved! 

Let's focus on the music now starting with the opener The boy who cried suicide with nice harmonizations and a memorable chorus. Great guitar riffs and vocal parts on the title track, This is temporary. The song's got great drums as well, in particular in the break towards the middle of the song. Catchy choruses (and, in general, very good vocals too) on Famous people, which will probably get stuck in your head.

I want to tell you was the single released last year and it was definitely a good choice as the song fits as a single and it is also a perfect representation of the band. The following Cat in the window has a superb guitar solo toward the end and Misére du amour is very technical, with all the instruments work perfectly together and it's one of my favourite tracks of the album. A different track is the Acoustic lo-fi T: Stockholm syndrome and towards the end of the album I enjoyed listening to Lies to omission, and honorable mention as well to the "guitar conversation" in Untitled1, where the band shows their technical ability.

This is temporary is a fresh and quality album by UFN. Well recorded and enjoyable in its entirety and with quality details in every song. Give the album a try and support the band if you like it.

Top track: The boy who cried suicide, This is temporary, Misére du amour.

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