Adam Stall - Adam Stall (EP)

Adam Stall was born and raised in the small town of Coldwater Ohio, where he began his musical journey with classical piano and trumpet lessons at an early elementary age, progressing into a rock cover group in high school, and now a fully realized, independent musical effort utilizing all his past experiences and influences.

All songs of this self-titled EP are completely self-produced and recorded by Adam, who is clearly influenced by the 70s and you can hear it immediately from the first second of this EP, with the opener Dandy of a day where you can notice his singing style close to the one we admire from Robert Plant. We are talking about Led Zeppelin here but if you are young, probably the right reference for you would be Greta Van Fleet. In the middle of the song there is a very nice bass solo as well, Adam is very eclectic and talented and he shows it in every song, singing difficult parts and playing every instrument. 

The second track Two beaches starts with an acoustic guitar and the song evolves with different solutions and progressions, including a few tempo changes in the middle of the song. A crazy and unexpected prog finale in the third track Forest of the silence, for sure one of the best moments of this EP. Acoustic intro for Thru the Drizzle and again a crazy change (his trademark) with an electric guitar, an organ and a catchy chorus as well. This one is probably my favourite song of the EP and you can find it in the playlist "New talents", have a look by clicking on the link, if you like. 

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