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Reckless by Bryan Adams is one of the flagships of 80's Rock, but also of the history of classic Rock in general. Yes, because listening to it even 35 years after its release is still a wonderful record. It is said that quality never goes out of style, right? Of course, maybe something better could have been done on the cover, but let's not be too fussy.

Before this album, Bryan Adams had certainly not made its way into the hearts of the general public, releasing the first two records which, apart from a few songs, were really nothing special, let's be honest. Already with the third album Cuts like a knife, on the other hand, he had considerably raised the level and had achieved great success, but only in Canada and the United States.

With Reckless, Bryan makes a bang. Globally.

Look at the tracklist at the bottom of the page and see what kind of songs this record has.
I'm talking in particular of the triptych Run to you, Heaven and Summer of 69. I swear that every time I go to clubs and find a cover band (which I never voluntarily look for, mind you), these songs are always there, even from a distance 35 years old. Three singles and that's it? But I miss it for a dream. 

Add also a spectacular duet with the great Tina Turner, with whom Bryan shares It's only love, a beautiful opener like One night love affair and other pieces that would probably be top songs on other "normal" records, like Kids Wanna rock, Somebody and She's Only Happy When She's Dancing, songs that in fact the good Bryan has toured practically throughout his career, given their hold on the public.

The album closes with a nice blues song like Long Gone and an energetic Ain't Gonna Cry, perhaps the two less known on this record but always with good inspiration and quality. The band plays very cohesively (which he will amply demonstrate live) and Bryan sings beautifully with his usual slightly hoarse tone, extremely Rock but at the same time very musical. Also, as I said on several occasions on the blog, the songs are much harder to sing than they seem. Here I have repeated it to you for the umpteenth time.

Reckless is almost a Greatest hits, more than an album. Must have in your collection.

Rating 90/100
Top tracks: Run to You, Heaven, Summer of '69

1. One Night Love Affair
2. She's Only Happy When She's Dancing
3. Run to You
4. Heaven
5. Somebody
6. Summer of '69
7. Kids Wanna Rock
8. It's Only Love
9. Long Gone
10. Ain't Gonna Cry
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