CATALYSTS Sparks Review

Catalysts are an alternative rock band formed in South Wales, UK, back in 2018.
The band consists of David Challenger on Vocals, Haitham Alhardan on Drums, Paul Owen on Bass, Craig O’Connor on Guitar and Elliot Blake on Guitar & Synths. These guys combine influences from rock, punk rock & hardcore.

Catalysts have just released an EP called Sparks. Well, it is almost an album (it would have been, back in the 60s or 70s) because it's got 6 tracks for 28 minutes of music. I know I always repeat the same things. Oh, very nice cover by the way, simple by stylish as well.

Let's talk about music now and let's press play (Spotify player at the bottom of the page) on Sparks that opens with the title track, a very good song to start the EP, with great drumming and a catchy chorus. This is probably my favourite track of the band. Great drumming (again) for the energetic Ultimate warrior III, with more aggressive vocals and great guitar riffs and licks. You got no soul is the most popular track of the band (looking at the Spotify numbers, at least) and it's punchy but radio-friendly at the same time. The chorus is very memorable too. 

The otherside is more on the experimental side with a slow beginning, but when the song starts properly (around minute 1.30) the PBM is high and the riffs are evil. Very good track as well, despite the fact I'm not a fan of synths. Good double bass and good chorus on Sylvia and a great closing track is Alive, with great guitar riffs for a very straightforward song, the shortest on this EP.

I definitely recommend listening to Sparks, a very enjoyable EP (or album, if you prefer) from this young and talented band.

Giovanni Gagliano

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