Cormada - Get in to breakout Review

get in to breakfast

Cormada is a Hard Rock and Metal band, based in Sweden. 
The members are Magnus Fallgren (lead vocalist and guitarist), Torbjorn Haag (lead guitarist), Ken Olsson (bassist), and Magnus Skoog (drummer). The band has released the album, Get in to breakout and we are gonna talk about it. Ready?

The opener of the album is called Breakout and it sounds obvious how the band loves the Hard n' heavy music from the 80s from the first seconds. Something in between Hard Rock and classic Heavy Metal, I would say. Good riffing, good vocals with a catchy chorus, good solo... Basically everything we want to hear from a Hard n' heavy song, right?

More "relaxed" is the second track, I got you, which was released as a single as it was Hold your ground. Both were a good choice being more "for everyone". Great the AOR chorus I Will not (wait to see you fall) with great solos as well. This is probably my favourite track of the album.

A chorus you won't forget is definitely the one from Dancing all over my heart, which is the longest track of the album, reminding me of something from The darkness (a band that I love). The power of Rock n' roll represents perfectly the title, a pure Rock song amazingly made with the perfect attitude and a mix of Kiss and Ac/dc, same as Coldhearted with the voice Magnus reminding me of Blaze Bayley here. Great vocals and probably his best performance of the record (at least for me). 

Of course there is a power ballad too! It's called Close to me and it's got great guitars all over the song and great taste in different solutions. Great drumming starts the final song Face the mirror, with keyboards in the spotlight during the verses and the usual great solos in the middle of the song, trademark of the band.

The production is very balanced and every instrument sounds like it supposes to sound in a record of this genre: powerful and very distinguishable. These guys made the rest with their talent and their ability to play their instruments. If you are into classic Hard Rock and classic Heavy Metal, give Get in to breakout a go on the player below and don't forget to follow Cormada as well. Good job, guys!

Giovanni Gagliano

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