GAZ - Watergazed Review

GAZ was formed by a group of friends more than 20 years ago (their first single was called Don't look back, year 1998!). Since then, the band and the music have gone through lots of changes and the members of the band have come and gone, but the heart and soul are still there and today we are going to talk about their latest release called Watergazed.

Let's start from the cover, as usual, which reminds me of something from The Beatles (Sgt pepper's?) but the concept is sort of modern too with the components of the band very visible in front. 

Talking about vintage references, let's start talking about the music of this Watergazed with the opener, I'm Against It, with some Rolling Stones vibes, where we can notice immediately the qualities of the band with a very catchy song. Very enjoyable is the second track as well called Fashionable hedonism, with a great groove and a very good solo. Everything sounds good and very balanced in this release, there are always many instruments in the background but everything is always very distinguishable, a sign of a very good job behind the mixer. Some The Who vibes in Just a lie which is probably my favourite of the album (the song is part of the playlist "new talents" by Given to rock, click here if you want to have a look).

All songs have something to tell and they are all very enjoyable. We have a great drumming section in Something to find and great guitars and great backing vocals in Stinging like a bee. 
Till the sun comes up is a ballad instead, with the vocals under the spotlights. The good Things I say and especially Dear Marie (some bluegrass here!) close the album with great verve and energy.

Watergazed is a short, straightforward and enjoyable quality album, amazingly produced and perfectly performed by Gaz

If you are into Classic rock, give it a go and follow the band through the links below.

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