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"Due Acoustic". Acoustic vocal duo with Morena Contini on lead vocals and Sandro Di Nino on acoustic guitar with fingerstyle and loop technique. The duo retraces the musical history passing from Italian songwriting, international rock, passing through the classics of jazz and blues. The project was born in 2019 between the singer-songwriter, author, lyricist and interpreter Morena Contini and guitarist, composer and arranger Sandro Di Nino. The project was born above all for the live context, interposing in parallel the production of unpublished songs composed by the two artists.

Musical genre: 

Current line up: 
Morena Contini lead vocal, Sandro Di Nino acoustic guitar and loop.

“STOP!” 2021 Music Force

Pop, rock, funky, blues

What your lyrics are about:
Sandro: Morena replies; as for "Dimmi", born from my pen, the text speaks of a passionate love story that could not be realized

Morena: I could simplify by saying that we talk about love, in "Stop" an unrecoverable love, in "Ciao che fai" a love insecure of many questions and many doubts, in "Tu l'albero io il tuo fiore" the love you have for your mother, beautiful, beautiful and deserving of a last important greeting and only for her, in "Honey" a cheeky love, in "Lost" a friendly love, in "Lullaby" the dream of a love and also in "Woman in the mirror" there is love, love for oneself and I would add the courage to want to change the sides that we least like of ourselves that we see through the mirror of the people we meet, is the decision to find ourselves.

A live performance that you will remember for a long time: 
Definitely a concert held in Sulmona (Aq) in the summer of 2021, with the public completely involved and singing with us also our unpublished.

A funny anecdote happened on stage or in the studio: 
On stage, when I pressed the loop button to record a guitar arpeggio track on which to play a solo, the loop started a beat ahead! A delirium! In the studio, when Morena's counter-singing on the song "Tu l'albero io il tuo fiore", studied in the third, the sequencer, decided to record it with cantilevers of sixth and fourth! It looked like a Chinese counter-song!

Your absolute favorite records:
Sandro: Let it Be by The Beatles; any of George Benson's albums, especially the collection containing Turn Your Love Around

Morena: Via Paolo Fabbri 43 by Guccini; War in my mind by Beth Hart

Tell me an album that you think you are the only one in the world to appreciate:
Sandro: Sheik Yerbouti by Frank Zappa

Morena: Infected by The The

A musician you would like to meet:
Sandro: Tommy Emmanuel

Morena: Mina and Beth Hart

What would you ask in your backstage if you were the most important rock artists on the planet:
Sandro: Having a technician who tunes your guitars and starts the midi effects behind the scenes

Morena: Oysters and great beer.

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