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Hey Guys, Red Roll here! We are a rock band, based in Bologna (Italy). We started playing together almost 2 years ago but each of us have been playing since 15 years I think! From the beginning we have been working hard on this project from different side: we played a lot of cover to be able to start playing live.. to build our band feelings! But we early started writing our own songs! We made a crowdfunding to be able to buy an old bus ( our “Ragnar”), we have a craft beer with our name and logo, we have a clothes line… Etc..

Almost one year ago we released our first single and EP: “At the end the beginning”. Then we have been started working with an Italian producer for a full album. At the moment we have all the new songs… we will record this album in December and it will be out in April 2022. 

Line up
Passo: Voice and Guitar
Leo: Guitar and Voice
Cesi: Bass
Jonh: Drum

We sound like
I think that the closest band to our sound is Biffy Clyro!

At the moment we released our first EP almost one year ago: At the end the beginning.
Than in June 2021 we released a new single: Knives and in may 2022 we’ll release a new full album!

Our musical influences comes from the “Rock world”, but each of us have different inclinations. Grunge, Metal, punk rock and rock… this is our world! We love band like Biffy Clyro, Foo Fighters, Alter Bridge, Muse etc…

What do you write about?
Our songs are mainly about feelings, emotions… we think that the upcoming album is a journey inside different emotions… They are an introspective journey into the sickest areas of our self!! ahah

Your favourite live performance so far?
We played a concert in Bormio – Italy, during the ski world cup. It was a great experience…!

Tell us a funny story that happened in studio or on stage
About one year ago we was in studio to record our first EP! It was an insane experience: we spent one week in studio. This studio is a big house where at the second floor there is an apartment where we stay and at the first floor there is the studio. So we had a full immersion…. All day recording and in the night we was working on the song…looking for arrangements etc… It was a great experience and it make us really like a family…not only a band.

Your favourite records?
Any Muse album and Puzzle by Biffy Clyro!

A musician you would like to meet for a beer
Dave Grohl!

What would you ask backstage if you were the most important band on earth
...only a lot of Beer!!! ahahah

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