Jerry Cantrell - Brighten Review

Jerry Cantrell, with this brand new album Brighten, wanted to break away from the career of his mother band (we are talking about Alice in Chains, of course) to leave room for a more intimate record. 

The choice of the guitarist and singer from Washington is, in fact, aimed at a reinterpretation of the past with pedal steel guitars and organs, resting on medium tempos rather than grungy/stoner killer riffs typical of his mother band.

The album is very enjoyable and it features some special guests like Duff McKagan (Guns n' roses), of course playing bass here. Brighten starts with the first single Atone - Click here for my video reaction followed by the title track, probably my favourite of the album with a killer chorus, very memorable.

All the songs have (at least for me) a melancholy or a happy taste, sometimes even combined in the same song. Dismembered for example gives me these vibes. If we talk about melancholy feelings great examples are Siren song (this could be an Alice in chains song. It's not the only one, though.) and definitely the last track Goodbye (the title says it all), starting with a piano. Definitely a great song and a great choice to end the album.

Brighten has a great sound, of course great guitars and we all know that Jerry is even a great singer, good job on that as well. 

I recommend listening to this album, It's on my Heavy rotation playlist (click here) and I'm listening to it a lot.

Rating 70/100
Top tracks: Brighten, Siren song, Goodbye.

1. Atone
2. Brighten
3. Prism of Doubt
4. Black Hearts and Evil Done
5. Siren Song
6. Had to Know
7. Nobody Breaks You
8. Dismembered
9. Goodbye

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