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Rae Radick is a singer/songwriter from Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Rae lived in New York City for the past eight years and tours internationally. She's been featured on Front Range Radio, Q Star Radio, and numerous blog articles as “Artist of the Week.” Her main influences are Shania Twain, Fleetwood Mac, Keith Urban, Kacey Musgraves and Kelly Clarkson. 

We are here to talk about her self-titled EP but I will define it more as a proper album, as it contains 8 songs for more than 30 minutes of music, definitely enough for an album. Some of the best albums of the history of music (who said The Beatles?) have this formula, right? I am saying that mainly because I'm a fan of this formula, but I'm sure that if you are not new to these pages, you know that already.

But, let's talk about music now and let's press play to enjoy Keep'em guessing, a perfect opener, a pop-rock track very radio-friendly and which is probably my favourite track of the album. It's a difficult choice, though, as the general quality of the EP is really high. Sorry's not good enough, for example, is another track that I really like, with very good lyrics and which reminds me of something from the 80s (maybe something by Michael Jackson?). Very interesting is also Circle game, about social media, with a very nice guitar riff and a catchy chorus too.

A nice acoustic track is The soldier and the bombshell, which I included in the Americana playlist, check it out. Very enjoyable is Who you're meant to be with again, very good lyrics for a classic piano ballad with very nice inserts of electric guitar in the second part of the song. Another very good piano and an acoustic guitar for the last track called Miss the most, a melancholy one, and certainly one of the best songs on this self-titled work by Rae Radick.

Rae Radick is a very enjoyable product, perfect for the radio and if you want to listen to something light (compared to what we talk about on Given to rock, of course). The sound of the album is perfect for the genre, very balanced and with the beautiful voice of Rae always in the spotlight. Check Rae's profiles by clicking on the links below and press play to the Spotify player to listen to Rae Radick. 


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