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Today I want to talk to you about another great album from the past, Rising (also known as Rainbow rising), from a never-too-mentioned band called Rainbow. To savor the greatness of this record you have to immerse yourself a little in the era and see how much and what music had not yet been made. Hear how Ronnie James Dio sings on this record and you will understand a lot of things that happened in the 80s, in the New wave of British heavy metal scene, for example.

We also come to the other musicians, all big pieces: Ritchie Blackmore (former Deep Purple), then keyboardist Tony Carey, bassist Jimmy Bain and drummer Cozy Powell. Well, not bad, I'd say. If you are still not happy, know that to complete it all, in the change of direction, there was also a certain Martin Birch, who will become a big name in the years to come.

Rising is a very short record, made up of only 6 tracks for just 33 minutes of music. But I will not say once again that the records of the past were better because they lasted less and did not have those 2-3 fillers that we always find in almost every record, nowadays. Oops, I just said that...

The album opens with Tarot woman and only the first line sung by Ronnie James Dio wipes out many careers. Perfection in terms of intonation, power, interpretation and timbre. A Beautiful opener, with oriental rhythms, perhaps not too well known to the general public. Followed by the rhythmic Run with the wolf, which despite being an excellent song, does not excite me particularly because it breaks the contagious rhythm of the previous one a little.

We come to the first highlight of the record, that is the Starstruck that exudes the 70s (and Deep Purple) from all pores, with all the traditional Blackmore characteristics that come out in the writing. Do you close your eyes has a nice attitude and counts on the class of all the musicians, but the fact of being placed between Starstruck and the next one (we will see it) perhaps penalizes it a bit. However, it is not an unforgettable song. We come to this Rising's masterpiece, Stargazer. Opened by the superb drumming of Cozy Powell, it is perhaps the favorite song of Rainbow (along with Kill the king), thanks also to the magnificent contribution of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra. The piece is absolutely epic, with an R. J. Dio delivering a truly sublime performance. I could mention a billion other things from these 8 and a half minutes, you just have to listen to them to understand their magnificence.

The final A light in the black has a different mood, the rhythms rise and Blackmore's riff becomes frenetic. The song is really good but the really wonderful part is the second, where Blackmore and Carey compete with riffs and solos crossed with a majestic Cozy Powell in the background. Another masterpiece piece. Curiously, RJD stated that he didn't like the piece at all. Boh, incomprehensible statement, in the opinion of the writer.

Rising turned 40 and unfortunately, 3/5 of the Rainbow musicians of that time are gone. If you don't know this album, you can always check it out now on all digital platforms.

Rating 86/100
Top tracks: Strartruck, Stargazer, A light in the black.

1. Tarot Woman (6:04)
2. Run With the Wolf (3:43)
3. Starstruck (4:08)
4. Do You Close Your Eyes (3:02)
5. Stargazer (8:32)
6. A Light in the Black (8:10)
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