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relax friends

Still Shacking started out as a skatepunk band, but over the years they’ve mellowed a bit and have been influenced by a lot of newer bands since then. We are here to talk about their brand new album called Relax friends, the second album of the band after the debut Strike one.

Relax friends is a short album, straight to the point: 12 songs for a little more than 30 minutes.
The opener Anxious and Airwaves starts with all the attitude of the band: it's a punchy song with punchy lyrics, a very good choice as an opener. Great drumming in the second track Whole lotta trouble, with a very memorable chorus. Back in 02 is the longest track of the album with a simple but effective guitar riff and the usual great drumming, especially in the pre-chorus. Great start and pure Punk rock vibes for Stay young forever. Never ending bottle has phenomenal drumming in the second part of the song. This one is probably my favourite track on the album and reminded me of something from Blink-182. 

Among other songs, DKWTGOA is probably the most radio-friendly on the album. Panic jerks and Last time are pure rage; this one was chosen as a single (Lifeboat and Like a rocket are the other two singles). The closing track Alone at last is a different song that gives the listener a little break after all the energy of the previous 11 tracks. The PBM in this one is, in fact, very relaxed, compared to the rest of the album. Good choice as a closing track.

I don't think Still Shacking wants to invent anything but they want for sure to entertain you with their energetic Punk rock. Mission accomplished for me. The band plays well and the sound of the album is the right one for the genre, with a great and solid rhythm section (drumming is phenomenal, sorry to repeat that), energetic guitars and punchy vocals with good lyrics.

Follow the band through the links below and listen to Relax friends by clicking on the Spotify link player. 

Still Shaking is:
Mats Gjelsvik – guitar and vocals
Lasse Vetaas – guitar and vocals
Stian Johannesen – bass and vocals
Simen Årdal – drums

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