New Heavy Sounds is extremely stoked to bring you the latest installment in their 10th Anniversary EP series, and they are doubly proud to introduce their new signings TENEBRA.

TENEBRA are a four-piece from Bologna, Italy, and they are a hard and heavy stoner rock powerhouse, fronted by a seriously formidable singer, so it’s no wonder that these guys (and girl) had already begun making waves in Italy and beyond with their self-released first album ‘GEN NERO’ before NHS got to hear about them.

Formed in October 2017, Claudio (bass), Emilio (guitar) and Mesca (drums) came from the hardcore and post-hardcore scene (Settlefish, Assumption, Horror Vacui and ED) which gravitated around the "Atlantide" squat in Bologna, whereas vocalist Silvia is steeped in the underground rock of the '60s and' 70s.

Together they create music that is not only the sum of their influences but pushes those influences outwards, adding odd tempo changes and nods towards Misfits, June of 44 and Love Battery into their strange brew. They say …

“We love rock like it used to be but try to make it speak our language.”

And that they most certainly do as ‘What We Do Is Sacred’ testifies.

‘Cracked Path’ is all organic 70’s proto metal with keen song writing and a contemporary edge. Full on fuzz with the psych grunge of the 90’s underground, it’s Screaming Trees meets Fu Manchu, and it must be said that the vocals are truly storming. Silvia has one helluva voice, laced with whiskey, smoke, grit and late nights, think Maggie Bell or Olivia Favela from Birtha meets Betty Davis and you'll be in the right ballpark.It has light and shade and perfectly lands the TENEBRA vibe.

Listen to ‘Cracked Path’ now: https://tenebra666.bandcamp.com/album/what-we-do-is-sacred

‘Hard Luck’ is a chugging, pounding ride down the highway to hell with Silvia’s bluesy wail destroying all before it, complete with a psychedelic wall of guitars and melodics a plenty.

Finally you get ‘Primitive Man’ a cover from the first and self-titled Jerusalem album released in 1972. However TENEBRAclaim this song as their own, the proto metal riffs are all there, the vocals are blues wailingly epic and just to mix it up there’s a cool middle section complete with flute solo.

‘What We Do Is Sacred’ is a 3-song statement of intent that is not only a great listen but sets the tone for their second full length in 2022.

So, if you dig Sabbath or Kyuss or Green Lung and like your stoner rock hard and heavy, occult tinged with a psychedelic edge, then this is the band for you.

The EP is set to land on November 12th and is available on all digital platforms. There will also be a very limited edition CD available as part of New Heavy Sounds’ 10th Anniversary EP series. Housed in a bespoke die cut sleeve and limited to just 150 copies.

Pre-order now: https://cargorecordsdirect.co.uk/products/tenebra-what-we-do-is-sacred



Claudio Troise

Emilio Toreggiani

Silvia Fennino

Claudio Collina

https://www.facebook.com/thetruetenebra https://www.newheavysounds.com
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