The Jones Title - Birkenhead (Review)


The Jones Title are a band from New York City formed in 2018 by percussionist Justin Gray who reached out to his childhood friend and garage bandmate Brian Detlefs about taking advantage of the rehearsal facilities. Bassist Roger Mulligan and Joey Vaughn joined the band later and the chemistry was instant. The band has just released an EP called Birkenhead

Birkenhead has 4 tracks for a little more than 15 minutes and it starts with the title track and a guitar/siren going into a very cool riff. Bass and drums are working magnificently together and the chorus is punchy and memorable. A very good way to start the EP and the song is probably my favourite among all. More for "everyone" is the second track She doesn't now (their new single) with another good chorus, a slide guitar and the usual great drumming. A very cool guitar solo towards the end of the song, too. 

A little funky and very dynamic is Hear me out, with a very good groove and with the band showing a slightly different side of their musical soul. The song is very engaging and with great vocals. Time is the closing time of the EP, with the bass guitar in evidence (following the usual great drumming), a very good chorus, a trademark of the band, and tasty guitars. 

All songs in this Birkenhead EP are really enjoyable and magnificently played by The Jones Title, a very talented band. The general sound is also great with no flaws, giving the band the opportunity to show their talent.

Absolutely recommended, give it a go through the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow the band through the links below.

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