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Swan song is a new EP by the singer-songwriter Audri with a very well made and very cartoonesque style cover you can see above. Sometimes you can see the quality of a product starting from the cover. But let's talk about music now.

The EP consists of three songs for 12 minutes of music. The first one is Dear Ramona, opening with good drumming and very good lyrics. The song is very well written, easy-going, with a very good arrangement, a final short guitar solo and it reminds me of something by The Cranberries.

Different mood at the beginning of the second song, Happening. Again very well written and sung by Audrie, with an amazing and intense vocal performance. Listen to the chorus of this one, she makes it look simple but the song is vocally very challenging and you need to be a complete singer to sing songs like this one. She definitely is. 

More easy listening is the third song called Relax with a great choice of words (and title!) reflecting the mood of the song, very easy to listen and very radio-friendly. Probably my favourite of the EP, if I have to choose one song.

Swan song is a short but quality EP with 3 very good songs, perfectly arranged, played, with a great sound and with a very skilled and talented singer behind the microphone. Give it a listen by clicking on the Spotify player below and you can follow the artist through these links.

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