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Here for another top 10. This time It's about the best bass lines I've ranked based on beauty / historical significance / personal taste, obviously related to the Rock world, so you won't find any Jamiroquai, Michael Jackson or Otis Redding. As I always say, these rankings are done to be discussed, so take it for what it is and don't get pissed off, please.

10) Rush - Tom Sawyer
Rush are part of that category where you can grab a random song and find a phenomenal bassline in it. I instinctively chose this Tom Sawyer without thinking too much. Geddy Lee "pushes" a lot of his bass and with the usual great taste. Enjoy!

9) Primus - Shake hands with beef

Creation of the brilliant Les Claypool and its Primus.
Well, this song is pretty much all very tasty bass. Among other things, I also like the video a lot, so I recommend you click play on the video below.

8) Megadeth - Peace sells
Iconic 80s thrash song and song that still closes the Megadeth setlist today. David Ellefson has (or maybe I should say had, considering that he was fired again by Dave Mustaine) his moment of glory in what is perhaps the most popular song by Megadeth. 

7) The Beatles - Come together
Well, another big shot: Sir Paul McCartney (or Faul McCartney, if you believe the story of Paul is dead. But forget it, at least here). Come together is one of the cornerstones of classic rock and without the famous bass line, it wouldn't be the same song at all. Click on this stylish video.

6) Pink Floyd - Money
As above, another super classic that without this bass line would not (probably) have had all this resonance. Very simple and redundant, but tasty and that defines the songs beautifully.

5) R.E.M. - Living well is the best revenge
Mike Mills' bass line is so great that I would listen to it even without all the other instruments. Enough said. Enjoy this live performance of Living well is the best revenge

4) Bruce Dickinson - Taking the queen
You didn't know this one, did you? Well, I guess it's a song that doesn't matter a lot in general but that I love mostly because of the absolutely wonderful bass lines, not really at one particular point but throughout the song. I found a guy who probably thinks like me, here you go. (The bassline starts after a minute)

3) Queen - Another one bites the dust

Probably if I have to say straight away a song with a strong bass line, my first thought goes to Another one bites the dust, a great song by an underrated bass player, John Deacon. 
One thing that unites many songs on this chart is that the fact that they are super easy to play. Sometimes you need to find the right notes, rather than get lost in technicalities. Mamma mia, what an incredible mustache that Freddie Mercury had in this video.

2) Red hot chili peppers - Around the world
As with Rush, Primus and many other bands, it is reductive to choose a single song because Flea is one of the most brilliant and creative bass players in history. I haven't thought about it too much, if I think of the first Red hot chili peppers song with a brilliant bass, I think of Around the world. I post it to you from an unknown live. (Frusciante and Kiedis try to screw it up, try not to listen to them and focus on Flea if you can)

1) Iron Maiden - To tame a land
Oh well, for me Steve Harris is unbeatable. Hear what an absolute bass masterpiece that is To tame a land, probably one of the most underrated songs by Iron Maiden. Don't take it badly, I commit the sacrilege of offering you a cover of a random guy just because: 
A) it sounds very good 
B) it highlights all of Steve's lines. 
The whole song is magnificent, but I invite you to focus only from minute 2.50 onwards. 
Enjoy it!

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