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Here we are to talk about Skid Row and their best songs from the first part of their discography when the band was formed by Scotti Hill, Rachel Bolan, Sebastian Bach, Rob Affuso and Dave "The Snake" Sabo. Of course, this is only my opinion, let me know yours in the comment section below.

Let's get started with the top 10!

10) Iron will (from Subhuman race)
Lots of people hate this album but for me it's a great one: rough, aggressive and Sebastian Bach sings so well... Iron Will is not a masterpiece but this riff got stuck in my head since 1995. I have a limited edition of Subhuman race, but not sure if you wanted to know it.

9) Little wing  (from B-sides Ourselves)
Ok, it's a cover and probably it should not stay in this chart, but have a listen to the golden vocal line by Sebastian Bach (especially compared to the one sung by Jimi Hendrix) and tell me what you think. Well, even Scotti Hill and Rob Affuso are in the spotlight in this one. In the EP version, Seb sings even better, it's not the same take of the video below.

8) Subhuman race (from Subhuman race)
Again one from the Subhuman race, this time the title track. Skid row like you have never heard them before, with a super aggressive approach. Yooooooouuuuuuu talk to me like I'm a subhumaaaaaaan youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...

7) I remember you (from Skid row)
Skid row in a romantic version and Sebastian in a (usual) spectacular performance. I remember you is a simple one but classy, with a great acoustic 12 string guitar and an amazing guitar solo. Click the video below and enjoy the song.

6) Breakin'down (From Subhuman race).
Another great ballad. What I always liked about Breakin' down is in particular the last chorus, when Sebastian sings at the same pace and intensity as the rest of the song but the music becomes way more aggressive. Probably you don't care, but I always loved this particular.

5) In a darkened room (from Slave to the grind)
One of the most stolen pieces in the pop world. I heard this chorus in a million pop songs. But do you want to compare the magnificent voice of Sebastian with other singers? Listen also to the second verse, it should be in the book "how to sing well". Honorable mention for the splendid guitar solo as well.

4) Youth gone wild (from Skid row)
Generational song and Youth gone wild is even the tattoo Sebastian has on his arm. Written by Rachel Bolan and Snake Sabo (like almost all the songs of the early era), it's probably the most famous and recognized song by Skid row, together with position number 3, below. Oh, Amazing solo, once again.

3) 18 and life (from Skid row)
Ballad with intense lyrics, talking about a kid going to jail for shooting a friend with a gun he thought wasn't loaded. 18 and life is in every Rock ballad chart and it deserves to be there for sure. Seb wanted to be included as an author for changing the line "That child blew a child away". Seb, I love you but I don't think it works like that.

2) Slave to the grind (from Slave to the grind)
The title track of my favourite album by the band, Slave to the grind. Surely less important than the songs above but sometimes I take long breaks from the songs above while I can listen to this one endlessly and it always gives me the same vibes.

1) Wasted time (from Slave to the grind)
If you think you can sing well, try and sing this one, especially from minute 2.40. If you can do what Sebastian does around minute 5, I come personally to your house for a handshake.
Spot on from one of the best rock voices even. Sebastian apart, Wasted time is a bloody masterpiece under every point of view. Enjoy the song.

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