DE ARMA Strayed In Shadows

De Arma is a Swedish Gothic rock band founded in 2009 by guitarist, vocalist, and bass player Andreas Pettersson. Drummer Johan Marklund joined and the duo recorded three tracks for “Towards the Shores of the End” (Nordvis). De Arma then signed a two-album-deal with German label Trollmusic and “Lost, Alien & Forlorn” was released in February 2013 and now – eight years later – De Arma unveiled “Strayed in Shadows”, with a very cool album cover you can see above. I really love the colors.

Let's talk about their new album, Strayed in shadows which consists of 7 songs per 53 minutes. Pain of the past is the opener that starts the album with sustained BPM. Great guitars especially on the first and last part of the song. Good track, definitely one of my favourites of the album. Illusions of love is another track that I really enjoyed, reminding me of some dark Pop music from the 80s. Very melancholy, with an insert of female vocals and with very good drumming.

As the title suggests, Funeral for my brain is very intense. The vocals are good and the guitars are deep, sometimes clean, sometimes distorted. Great drums fill, on this one, and very fast double bass during the second half of the song. Again, very good guitars in Horror in the dark and Days of judgment, reminding me of some Depeche Mode tune in the mood during the very first part. You were blood is the closing track of the album and the longest one as well with its 10 minutes of length. Furious drumming at the beginning of the song and very interesting tempo and mood changes, like the one at 2.40 with loud guitars on the spotlight or the melodic break at minute 7 with a good arpeggio.

Strayed in shadows by De Arma is a very peculiar album, a very interesting mixing of genres like Prog metal and Goth metal but with some Pop vibes as well. At least, this is what I have mainly found on the album, you may discover or feel something else. 

Give the album a try by clicking on the Spotify player below and follow the band through the links. 

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