By Enrico Spinelli 

When I read that my dear Deep Purple would release a cover album, I don't hide the fact that the first thought was: "what a bummer, these are things they did at the beginning, what's the point now? Are they in creative stasis! I really like their post-Blackmore works and above all, the last 3 have been really spectacular... bah ". Then I read the setlist and I partially calmed down, as, with the exception of a couple of strange tracks, the chosen songs were quite unknown to me. Listening to Turning to Crime was be extremely pleasant and fun, the band seemed fresh and in good shape and the performance really convinced me, so much so that I overcome the fear of a stopgap or a pin job. Here there is class, fun and lots of good music, !t's only rock'n'roll but I like it (sorry for the quote but it suited).

To say that I briefly know Hypocrisy is an understatement, but as you know I can't resist a nice cover and so I decided to throw myself on the new effort of the historic death metal band. What to say?! Worship works very well, flows direct and pleasant, between straight razors such as the title-track, mid-tempos (most of them) and songs with an almost doom trend. A death metal that focuses a lot on intensity rather than speed, with an almost touching ending ("Gods of the Underground"). You don't get bored during the listening but maybe I would have liked a couple of extra fast pieces instead of some slow ones... but maybe it's just my problem.

It was a while that I hadn't so much fun listening to Rhapsody of Fire. With Glory for salvation, the band continues in their stylistic streamlining of all the orchestral gaudy that had characterized the last works of the Turilli era and, with the great Giacomo Volo, they produce an epic record to the core, powerful and direct, pleasant to listen to and well balanced between instrumental, aggressive and melodic parts, without forgetting a bit of folk here and there. Of course, the immediacy of the classics is missing just as I will never get used to these ultra-plastic modern mega productions that flatten everything, but the fact that you are left with the desire to listen to it again is certainly a good omen.

The title Ascension codes really fit this one! The entire listening to this work from Cynic is a real mystical experience, a journey of the soul in prog-jazz-fusion sauce, where ethereal filtered instruments and voices mix are fused together like the most beautiful sea with the clearest sky. 18 tracks, half of which are interludes of a few seconds that act as a bridge between one track and another (in other times they probably would have been those seconds of passage between one piece and another), generating a flow I continue from start to finish. For this reason I do not know nor can show you a song better than another because the whole album deserves to be savored from the first to the last note, in silent religious adoration; an album that is good for the spirit, I would say I needed it.
Giovanni Gagliano

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