Interview - Giuseppe Calini

Artist from the province of Milan arrived at his eighteenth album always in the name of rock'n'roll. Among his daily collaborations, there are the trusted Simone Sello and Mike Tacci. In 2021 "Polvere, strada e rock'n'roll" is released, ten stories linked by a single common thread.

Musical genre: 

Current line up:
Giuseppe Calini. Voice, Guitar, bass
Simone Sello Guitar
Johnny Tad. Hammond and piano
Ted Mc Kenna. Drum

Polvere, strada e rock’n’roll (2021 - Music Force)

Real 70’s rock

What your texts are about:
This record is about a journey, a journey through dusty roads that are then the difficulties of life and a lot of rock, played with an old Telecaster and recorded with the microphone in front of the old vox AC30. As it was done once upon a time. It tells of a life to live always with a smile despite the difficulties that happen on the road. Difficulties to fight without ever giving up.

Live performance that you will remember for a long time:
Are many but as I always say the most beautiful will be the next one

A funny anecdote happened on stage or in the studio:
A few years ago when we were mixing good rock, we couldn't find the right sound for the kick drum. That sound that to have the right effect, as live, must feel in the stomach... After an hour of rehearsals, without effects of course, the sounds must be pure, I remember joking out loud to the sound engineer, turn up that kick drum and make it sound good, Mike pushed the slider up and a tremendous bang blew the NS10s. It wasn't because of the slider but the coincidence was really precise and the effect unforgettable. Even now in the studio they talk about it with sympathy and it seems to still smell the burnt smell. The power of rock'n'roll.

Your absolute favorite records:
My absolute favorite album is "Whatever you want" by Status Quo. Classic and pure rock. As second I put "Siogo" by Blackfoot. In third place is Sweet's "Strung up", a fantastic album.
Then "Demons anf wizard" by Uriah Heep, "Drama" by Yes. The list could be very long going from Lynyrd Skynyrd, to Free... more than anything else English rock from the '70s.

Tell me an album that you think you are the only one in the world to appreciate:
What a great question! I think "Road Island" by Ambrosia. A real masterpiece. In Italy I don't think almost nobody knows it. But it's really a great record. Great compositions, exceptional arrangements and a lot of feeling

A musician you would like to meet:
Francis Rossi, frontman of Status Quo.

What would you ask in your backstage if you were the most important rock artists on the planet: 
Nothing Special. Rock the real one is made of simple things, jeans and a shirt. I'm one of those people who doesn't have to change to get on stage... I just need my Telecaster and some smiling faces backstage. Long live rock'n'roll

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