Jay Elle - Ride the wave Review

Jay Elle is an acoustic singer-songwriter who brings warmth and energy through guitar-driven melodic songs. Jay Elle’s latest release is a 12 song album called “Ride the Wave”.

 “The pandemic feels like one of those endless rainy days that I hated as a child. Boring!!!!!” says Jay Elle. “Back then, on rainy days I couldn’t go out. According to my mom, if I were to get my hair wet I would most certainly catch a cold. Apparently, everyone else’s mother thought so too. There was no one to hang around with on rainy days. At home, I was on lockdown with the same old toys. No guitar then. No Internet. This new album is about how to best enjoy yourself while waiting for the sun to shine again.”  

Ride the Wave consists of 12 songs for about 43 minutes of music and it starts with the Title track, and with a nice acoustic guitar. The chorus is very catchy and melodious at the same time. A good way to start the album and the song is one of my favourites of the entire album, very representative of the artist. Very enjoyable and with Latino vibes is Tequila kiss, very catchy and radio-friendly. Very good is the midsection of the song Want me bad, with another very good chorus.

Among other songs of the album we find Rainy day and Insane, with classic rock vibes in the initial riff and the bridge reminding me of The Beatles. Very intense is Angeling, with a different mood from the others, more melancholy and deep. A great organ at the beginning of She's so fine and great acoustic guitar Who's Camille, again with some Beatles vibes. Definitely a good way to close the album.

Ride the wave is very well produced and very well played and sung by Jay Elle. If you are into Acoustic pop-rock, give it a try by clicking on the Spotify link below and don't forget to follow the artist.

Track listing:
Ride The Wave
Tequila Kiss
Want Me Bad
Miss Mess
Rainy Day
Better Luck Next Time
She’s So Fine
Morning Rain
Twelve On Sunday
Who’s Camille

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