Pink Floyd - Live At Knebworth 1990 (2021 review)

Pink Floyd have re-released their old live at Knebworth (which was already available in video format in the Later Years box) where the band performed as the headliner in a charity concert that included Paul McCartney, Dire Straits, Genesis, Phil Collins, Mark Knopfler, Robert Plant, Cliff Richard, and Eric Clapton, as well as Tears for Fears, with the proceeds going to the BRIT School. MTV broadcasted the concert live throughout the world because it was such a big event at that time.

But first, let's look at Gilmour (and his associates') content: the band's planned lineup includes only seven songs and the setlist is only 55 minutes long, but the songs are all well-chosen and "for everyone" (as is the case when performing at festivals, right?): Let's get started with Shine on you crazy diamonds (part 1-5) then there's the well-known Wish you were here, Money, a Great Gig in the Sky (with original vocalist Clare Torry present in the album) Comfortably numb with lines spoken to numerous voices that I can't stomach (I'll put the video at the bottom of the page, maybe let me know if you agree with me), but with David Gilmour, who is then redeemed with one of the most exquisite solos in rock history. The brief setlist concludes with a very exciting Run Like Hell, one of my favourites of the entire show, with stanzas performed in a very aggressive style by the many musicians on stage (although without Roger Waters, who had left the band a few years before).

If you're a big fan of the band, I'm sure you've seen or heard this live performace before, otherwise, it's a good excuse to get your hands on that.

1 Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Parts 1-5
2 The Great Gig In The Sky
3 Wish You Were Here
4 Sorrow
5 Money
6 Comfortably Numb
7 Run Like Hell

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