Siren Suit - Monstrous Chitterings

Siren suits is a Rock band located in Cincinnati, USA, consisting of Dave Cupp on guitar/voice (previously in Old City, Caterpillar Tracks, Dophesus, Man Halen), Kyle Knapp on bass/voice (The Turkeys, Future Strikes) and Matt Retherford on drums (Royal Holland, House of Feeble Minds).

The three guys have just released an album called Monstrous Chitterings, with the good looking cover you can admire on top.

Monstrous Chitterings is a very straightforward album with 9 songs for 26 minutes. 
Bandoliers is the opener with a pure contagious stoner riff and clean vocals (and good backing vocals too), definitely a good way to start an album and a good choice as an opener, with a very good guitar solo on the second part of the song. Higher BPM for the following Gods with bass guitar and drums in evidence and another great guitar riff. There are a few, more experimental and very short songs like The Warm Blood, Blind Surgery and Comet Ride reminding me of some crazy stuff from the early grunge era. Impermanence starts with a clean guitar to explodes in a great chorus and short and sweet song. This one is probably my favourite song on the album.

Tremendous repentance is the longest song on the album and maybe the more radio-friendly of Monstrous Chitterings. Bakewell shows the Rock attitude of the band, with another great chorus and pure Rock n' roll riffs and the closing Spag West has very old-fashioned vibes.

You can listen to Monstrous Chitterings through the Spotify link below and follow Siren Suit through the social links below. Give it a go, it's definitely a good album, very straight to the point, with a great rock n' roll attitude and fun to listen to. Well done, guys.
Giovanni Gagliano

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