Trigger Mafia - The Brotherhood Review

Canada's Trigger Mafia is the quintessential rock revival project with a modern spin. Shawn, Rod, Jay and Karl just released a new album, called The brotherhood with a very good looking album cover you can admire above.

The Brotherhood consists of 13 songs for 46 minutes of music and it starts with Find a better way, a great opener with amazing vocals, very well played and with a great guitar solo too. We will find this song at the end of the album with French lyrics. Definitely a great start for the album and one of the best songs of the band, in my opinion. Another great song is the following Open road with a nice organ and filtered vocals. The Guitar/organ battle reminded me of old Deep Purple. 

More relaxed Bpm (and great bass lines) for Sittin' on a corner, while the instrumental Drink what you drink and roll what you roll features a talkbox and, as the title suggests, tons of Rock 'n roll attitude, with some Led Zeppelin quotes and great guitar riffs. Amazing drumming at the beginning of the other instrumental song, Great big genius, that I don't know why brings me to the arcade games era. Yes, there is another instrumental song (they are 3, in total), Y.V.R, which I really like as well for its experimental soul. 

Among other great songs of this album, I particularly appreciated Devil Woman, Turn it up, and the last song of the album Backyard barbecue, Classic Rock to the bone with very memorable choruses. Something like Ac/dc, if I have to mention the first big name that comes to my mind. 

Special mention for the acoustic guitars in The Brotherhood song, which is a classic rock ballad with a superb arrangement, definitely one of my favourite songs of the album with echoes of Led Zeppelin and The who, in the second part of the song.

I definitely recommend listening to The brotherhood by Trigger Mafia, a very enjoyable classic rock album amazingly played and recorded, with great vocals and with the right attitude you want to hear in a record like this but also with a very personal touch by the band. Well done, guys.

Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow the band through social media.
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