Working from home. How important it is to be comfortable?

Hey guys, here's another "different" article related more to my personal life and what I am doing with Given to Rock, rather than the music.

We talked about something similar in the article Given To Rock - How everything started and how it is now in the new digital world where I told you how my work situation has dramatically changed during the last period and the fact that I'm basically permanently working from home now. Well, that can be easy for someone (personally, I really like it!) but less for others, so if you are in the same scenario as mine, it is very important to build around you a comfortable workspace or you may consider relocating or even buying your own place and building it around your profession.

Talking about how important it is, if you follow this page you know that I make videos on YouTube and, for that purpose, I've created a sort of studio room with gadgets of all sorts - guitars, a big TV/monitor but also the right space for the camera with the right angle, etc. Basically it's crucial for me to have my own space and manage it based on my needs. Living with flatmates and sharing that space would be very bad for what I do.

Your work situation may be similar to mine or you may be working from home due to the pandemic. Well, that road may be sort of permanent in the future world as companies start to understand that remote working works well and it's cheap (for them as well as their employees), so it is crucial to be comfortable within your own walls. With this in mind, you may be thinking of buying a new place. The market is growing according to The Guardian. Another link that may be useful to you is the UK government's help to buy scheme

If you are not sure if what you earn is enough to buy a new property, you can use a Mortgage calculator or you can go straight to the mortgage calculator's affordability link for help with calculating for estimating mortgage affordability based on income.

What's your current situation? Are you working from home? Do you like it or do you prefer going to the office? Let me know in the comment space below. About me, I'm just happy not to commute anymore, in a very busy place like London.
Giovanni Gagliano

Passionate about music I wrote my first article for "Given To Rock" in 2012, reaching now 30K global followers. I am also a musician, gigging around London.

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