1914 "Where Death and Weapons Meet" / SETH "La Morsure Du Christ" Mini Reviews

album 2021

By Enrico Spinelli

"Where Death and Weapons Meet"
The splendid and macabre cover does not leave much room for the imagination and the logo of the Swedish group itself clearly tells us that we are faced with something violent... yes, but with class, great class. The genre proposed by 1914 could be defined as atmospherical Death metal, enriched by black and sludge tints, with guttural vocals but which still allow you to follow the words of the songs. The proposed concept obviously concerns the war and the band's music is particularly effective in bringing back the war dimension, as evidenced by real pearls such as the opener or the long "The Green Fields of France". Curious is the fact that, despite being placed in a dramatic/violent context, the stories dealt with almost all have a happy ending (the protagonist soldiers have in fact survived).
I know, maybe this is too much, but it's one of the best extreme albums I've ever listened to.

"La Morsure Du Christ"
Here, too, the cover of the new album by Seth says it all with the image of Notre-Dame de Paris in flames, a symbol for the French band of the end of Christianity in the West (in a bit exaggerated... but after all, the provocation is typical of the genre). This is epic black metal, icy in the screamed vocals, with continuous changes of tempo and an apocalyptic atmosphere that unfolds along the 7 medium-long tracks that make up the setlist of "La Morsure Du Christ", from the title track to the solemn "Le Triomphe De Lucifer", passing through the "Metal Noir" manifesto. 
The perfect soundtrack of the end of the world.
Giovanni Gagliano

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