Behind the songs: The police - Every breath you take


Every breath you take by The Police is one of the pop-rock ballads universally appreciated by the general audience and, since you find it on this page, you will easily understand that it is particularly appreciated also by myself. As soon as the first notes of the beautiful guitar riff start I can never stop listening.

On the song itself, honestly, little to add in terms of beauty and historical importance, but what struck me particularly was the interpretation of the lyrics, which I learned of only a few years ago. In fact, many (including myself in the past) consider it a love song. Nothing could be more wrong: it's a disturbing song about possession and control.

I quote Sting: "It's a dark song about control, jealousy, surveillance, but there are those who think it's a romantic song and would like to use it at their wedding."

If you think of phrases like "every breath you take, I'll be there watching you"... Here, think back to the lyrics in their entirety according to this interpretation and you will see that everything will change. What probably deceives is the atmosphere and the pace of the song, very linear and simple, almost like a love song.

Every Breath You Take was the first single from the band's fifth album, Synchronicity, and was written by Sting alone, who also recently picked up the BMI Awards as the most listened to American radio song in the entire BMI catalog, with over 15 million hits. 

That's all, but since you're here, take a moment to listen to it again.

Giovanni Gagliano

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