Bon Jovi - Underrated and overrated

Let's talk about Bon Jovi and the Underrated/overrated songs of the career of the band. This is my selection, you let me know yours.


It's my life (Crush)
Let's be clear, it's not a bad song, but the fact that it is the most popular of Bon Jovi by far (according to YouTube), bothers me tremendously. It's an overrated ranking, right? Jon laughs because he has bought 3 villas with helicopter landing pads, just with this song. Jon, shall we write a song together? I live in a small flat.


Runaway (Bon Jovi)
Runaway is one of the very first songs written and released by the band. It's a good song, in my opinion, but not one that will take forever on tour and let us hear it in 1000 different versions.

In & out of love (7800 Fahrenheit)
More or less the same story as Runaway. Bon Jovi have always chosen this song as the only representative of their (not so great) second album 7800 Fahrenheit. The song is actually the best of the lot (not a great effort), but I think we could have done without it on many occasions. 

We weren't born to follow (The circle)
A fairly recent single that has had some success all over the world. It's overall ok, but for me, it's rip-off of Born to Be My Baby. I said it. Jon in the video below is aware of this and is glaring at me.

Wild in the streets (Slippery when wet)
Very acclaimed song from the successful Slippery When Wet. Again, it's not a bad song at all, but it never caught me and I never understood its success. One of those songs that in my opinion should be on the album and that's it, instead, it was extracted as a single and is often played live by the band


Dry county (Keep the faith)
Dry County is my absolute favourite Bon Jovi song but it's not present in the first Greatest hits by the band, Crossroads (click here for the review, in case you missed it) and really not well known around, compared to other famous songs by the band. This should be the most famous, in my opinion. Is that enough? 

Hey God (These days)
After the one above, this is probably my second favorite Bon Jovi song and here too, not featured in any greatest hits. Performed live always has its effect, I post you here this magnificent version from an MTV Music Awards (or something similar). Vibrations.

Just Older (Crush)
A song that I like a lot from the lucky album Crush is Just Older, a song that speaks (in its own way) of old age: a thing (or a person) is not old, it's just "older". Beautiful lyrics and song that has a contagious melody, but it doesn't seem like the band cares much about it (or maybe it just wasn't received or appreciated by the fans, I don't know), because it seems to have definitely disappeared from the setlists. 

I Believe (Keep the faith)
Jon's voice was extraordinary at that time with terrific open vowels. Hence my love for the chorus of this song, which is one of my absolute favorites. A song quite snubbed at high levels and I think not too well known, even if it's an opener of a great album.

Bitter Wine (These days)
This thing pissed me off. Some time ago I was happily walking around London and listening to These Days on Spotify on my headphones. I was waiting to get to the end to hear, after 1000 thousand years, this song that I've always liked a lot, Bitter Wine...Well, I discover that it wasn't there. The record stopped earlier and I was left on the edge. I railed against Spotify, but was that their mistake? No, I go to the shop and find that the song is no longer officially featured on These Days! In my opinion, it's crazy, it's one of the best tracks on the album. Give it a listen. In the CD edition I own, there is, fortunately.

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