Giant Head Collective - Without Me


When Mark Breingan started producing music for local artists in the Glasgow area of Scotland, he formed Giant Head Collective. During downtime, he'd start improvising on his original ideas, and musicians would start laying down tracks, and ideas would turn into songs.

Since its inception, the concept has evolved into a worldwide collaborative initiative, with musicians from all over the world offering their talents to an ever-growing library of music. The music is always strongly rooted in the classic/southern rock genre, with aspects of Mark's Celtic guitar style thrown in for good measure.

The new single of the band is called Without me, starting with a piano and an acoustic guitar in evidence. The vocal style reminds me of Mick Jagger, totally classic Rock. The overall sound is great as well as the guitar solos (especially the second one!) after the choruses, very catchy. The song is very easy listening but without losing the Rock status with also the right sound and with a perfect performance by Giant Head collective.

Give it a listen by clicking on the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow Giant Head collective if you like what you hear. I totally recommend it!

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