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Jess Porter returns to his solo project for the first time since 2014, after spending several years working on numerous musical projects (Inuette and Catholic Guilt).

Patterns is a study of how tough it is to change our emotional pathways. Longtime collaborator Nick Russell produced the single, which combines synth and vocoder-led melodies with a big rhythm section and JP's distinctive complicated guitar work.

JP's most recent single, Rearview Mirror, had a lot of play on Soundcloud, and his energetic solo gigs continue to draw crowds in Melbourne and beyond.

What I like about Patterns is the richness of content. If I have to mention something in particular I will point at the great open chorus with an amazing performance by Jess behind the microphone or the very peculiar bridge around minute 3, but the song has lots of changes and a lot of ups and downs, a great drumming and millions of little details to focus, so give it a try by pressing play on the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow Jess Ported if you like what you hear.
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