Kevin the Persian - Southern Dissonance Review

Kevin the Persian just released his first album, anticipated by the single Rock is dead and What you deserve. The album is called Southern Dissonance and it's got 9 tracks for 37 minutes of music, my favourite formula, so this time I won't complain about the length of the album and about fillers, as I usually do. 

Southern Dissonance starts with Coping Mechanisms, a very good opener with moderate BPM but with a lot of character. Very good choice as an opener, with a great guitar solo as well. Amazing drums intro (Painkiller?) for What you deserve, with an acoustic guitar and some funky riffs. In this one, you can probably hear lots of influences by Kevin, very well blended together. Everything becomes more intense towards the end of the song with amazing vocals and guitar. Very good track! 

Very different and interesting is the Suicide in K Minor, reminding something by Alice in chains, Persian Delta Blues has very interesting lyrics and it's very immediate. Angry bass/guitar riffs for Rock is dead, the second single of the album, saying that Rock is dead but showing with some facts that it's not like this. Definitely my favourite track of the album, spot on. 

After hitting hard, some relax with acoustic guitars in The Regulations of the Auxiliary Cloud Hall, a proper Rock ballad with good vocals reminding of some Ozzy Osbourne's. Good vibes and guitar riffs in Southern Dissonance, very contagious, while Two minus one is another good ballad, this time reminding me of something by Tremonti. Very tasty southern blues riffs for the closing track, Flameleaf, with a great groove and sound.

Southern Dissonance is a very good album, very various, showing all the different influences and souls of Kevin the Persian, a talented musician. The production is also great with guitars roaring (when they need to), good vocals and decisive drum sound. 

Definitely recommended, give it a go through the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow the artist if you like what you hear.

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