Looting from the past - 1982

By Enrico Spinelli

Things are starting to get tough, and big names would have made my end-of-year pole (and drained my bank account) pretty tough. The old Metal finds new life in the contamination with other genres, including Punk, and the beginning of the 80s is marked by the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (N.W.O.B.H.M.). Iron Maiden, on their third record, recruited the talented Bruce Dickinson and released an album like, "The Number of the Beast", while Demon and Raven set the turntables on fire with their excellent second works; always talking about the second album here is Venom give a primordial parent to the extreme genre par excellence, "Black Metal". Veterans Judas Priest hit the bullseye again with the earthquake "Screaming for Vengeance" as newcomers Manowar make their rocky entry into the music scene. Curious return for KISS who, after trying a vain pop-like twist and a controversial concept, bring out their most "metal" record. They beat Scorpions hard with "Blackout". Rush begin to insert sort of reggae influences all without distorting their sound, the Clash continue to reap victims while Bruce Springsteen records a solo album, then re-records it with the E-Street band, he doesn't like the result and he takes the first version for granted, and this is how the masterpiece "Nebraska" was born. 

Dire Straits mark yet another center with an album with compositions on average longer but of absolute charm, The Cure release perhaps their most complex (but stratospheric) album, Toto enchant with their fourth album (and "Rosanna"), all while the more experimental rock gives us the immortal works of Roxy Music and Ultravox. A final note for the Alan Parsons Project and the beautiful "Eye in the Sky" (no stopping at the beautiful title track). Personal note: I was obviously still a thought in the air, but the hearts that would have generated me in October of that year were united in marriage...

- IRON MAIDEN The Number of the Beast
- JUDAS PRIEST Screaming for Vengeance
- RAVEN Wiped Out
- MANOWAR Battle Hymns
- VENOM Black Metal
- DEMON The Unexpected Guest
- KISS Creatures of the Night
- THE CLASH Combat Rock
- RUSH Signals
- SCORPIONS Blackout
- THE CURE Pornography
- DIRE STRAITS Love Over Gold
- ULTRAVOX Quartet
Giovanni Gagliano

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