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the monster roar

Magnum's latest album, "The Monster Roars" (see creepy cover above) is gritty and full of intriguing ideas, and a validation of the band's superb form, which, like few others, was able to restart and find a second artistic life.

The title track opens the album and demonstrates Bob Catley and his band's capacity to scratch as well as to make us dream, which they have used to create some of their most memorable moments. In full Magnum style, Rick Benton's keyboards adorn the fabric and finish of the second track titled "Remember."

The music doesn't change for the following track "All You Believe In": we're in the midst of yet another work of outstanding standards, which blends the familiarity of the sound in an ideal balance between epic inspiration and melodic research with a strong potential to excite. Compelling songs, led by the charismatic Bob Catley, who is part of a tight-knit group that includes Tony Clarkin, an inseparable friend, and a top-notch rhythm section made by Dennis Ward and Lee Morris. As a result, a song like "I Won't Let You Down," with its catchy melody, can be classified as a new classic. You can watch the video at the bottom of the page.

The effervescent "No Steppin' Stones," (another single taken off the album) with its live vibe and usage of wind instruments, provides a welcome diversion inside an album that has all of the hallmarks of Magnum's highly personal style and adds to the British band's well-known discography. 

I can easily recommend The monster roars, a great comeback by Magnum and Bob Catley.

Review by metalhead

01. The Monster Roars 
02. Remember 
03. All You Believe In 
04. I Won’t Let You Down 
05. The Present Not The Past 
06. No Steppin‘ Stones 
07. That Freedom Word 
08. Your Blood Is Violence 
09. Walk The Silent Hours 
10. The Day After The Night Before 
11. Come Holy Men 
12. Can’t Buy Yourself A Heaven

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