Metallica: Underrated and Overrated

It's time to talk about Metallica and some of their overrated/underrated songs. 

Of course, in my opinion, as always. In music there is no truth, it's only about tastes. So don't get mad at me if you don't agree with me. Let's get started!


The Unforgiven 2
As can be easily guessed from the title, it is the sequel to the beautiful The Unforgiven, contained in the celebrated Black album. Now, I'm not saying that the sequel is as successful as the original, but I like it very much anyway and, considering that it comes from one of the worst albums by the band, which is Reload, it makes you cry even more for a miracle. Metallica tried to bring it live, but with questionable results. They admitted it themselves (and I agree with them).

Holier than thou
Metallica have often snubbed this beautiful song from the Black album and didn't give us many opportunities to listen to it live. Lately (see link in the title) we heard it on some occasions. Better late than never.

Ain't my bitch
I've always loved this song - Load's opener - and I've always hoped to be able to hear it live, but Metallica doesn't care at all, apparently. For me a very underrated song, in general as it should be a hit by the band. If I were them, I'd even use it as an opener, very often. Here is a rare live version.

One of the most successful pieces of Death Magnetic with a beautiful riff, great energy and a beautiful alternation between melodic moments and electric outbursts. In my opinion, it should be considered more among the fans and more played live too.

I disappear
A very pop song (at least, by Metallica standards) but I wish it hadn't disappeared (even if they said that in the title) from the band's radar. Ok, it was just the Mission: Impossible 2 soundtrack, but I'd like to find it in some live shows every now and then. If you don't like the song at least watch the beautiful video.


Many avid fans will wish me death for this (especially Cliff Burton fans), but in my opinion Orion has always been the weak point of Master of puppets. Sorry guys!

The memory remains
At the time of its release (I still remember the disgust watching the video clip in heavy rotation on MTV) I thought that the song would be forgotten by everyone as soon as possible, instead the band did not miss the opportunity to perform it live in different situations. I would have gladly done without it, I don't know about you.

The song has a nice shot and no one can deny it, but I have always considered it too "for everyone" to be a song from Metallica and it is too often played live. 

The four horsemen
No, wait, it's not overrated. I'm gonna explain: the only problem with this song is that Mustaine has decided to do the version of this one (Mechanix, for the few who don't know) which for me is much better than this one. When I listen to the Metallica version, I regret not listening to the Megadeth version. Don't have me for this. Try not to.

Dyers eve
A song loved by most old-school fans and I can clearly understand why. But I have never loved it that much and honestly, I don't even think I have even listened to it many times. Sorry.

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