Pain of Salvation - Top 10

Here for another Top 10, dedicated to the Swedish band Pain of salvation and their leader, Daniel Gildelow.

10) Linoleum (Linoleum)
Daniel Gildenlow in a very clean version with short hair and muscles always in good evidence (see video clip below) and even a softer sound than usual. But I really like the song. 

9) Imago (Be)
Song with a lot of ethnic influences and showing Daniel's compositional class. It could also easily be used as the soundtrack of a film with Indian or Celtic connotations. Or both. What kind of movie would that be? Ok, I'm confused, maybe.

8) Falling home (Falling home)
Last track of the band's experimental acoustic album that I struggled a bit to metabolize but which in the end I really appreciated. Falling home is a song of an immense class with the voices of the two protagonists that intertwine perfectly. Delicious.

7) Ashes (The Perfect Element, part I)
One of the band's most popular songs ever and always in live demand, with a chorus that always works. The video clip is quite "sick", click on the link if you need some disturbing (well, more than one, honestly) fragment.

6) America (da Scarsick)
A sort of Born in the USA, but even harsher. Daniel goes down hard on the United States and all its contradictions. I got you a lyric video so you can understand the message very clearly. Musically, I love in particular the bass and drums of this song.

5) ! (Foreward) (Entropia)
The first song from the band's first album. In short, their first song, in order of discography. A good start, I would say. A very good live version (by clicking on the bizarre title) with the snare drum that sounds like a gunshot.

4) The passing light of day (In the passing light of day)
Nice long length, huh? I confess that it took me a long time to metabolize it, mainly for this reason but once I did, it never came out. The song probably doesn't have the gift of synthesis but there really is a lot of class and it reminds me of the atmosphere of my favorite album by the band (see first positions).

3) Reasons (In the passing light of day)
Single taken again from In the passing light of day with a super protagonist Ragnar Zolberg. The crazy tempo signature of this song makes me freak out, I can't help but do the air drumming every single time I listen to it. The drums on this album sound a little weird, but it fits perfectly, in this song.

2) Chain sling (Remedy lane)
From that total and absolute masterpiece that is Remedy lane, my favourite album by the band.
I could have put the whole album in this top 10, but you know I try to make my charts including all the periods of the band, so I resisted the temptation. I don't have much to say about the song, except that it is a song of a rare, very rare class. Daniel at his compositional top and with a thousand facets and contaminations.

1) Undertow (Remedy lane)
Song that I have always loved and that I can no longer listen to for personal reasons, so it manages to tear me in two. I honestly didn't know the video clip, even if it's not amazing, honestly, especially if you compare it to the level of the song. Enjoy this magnificent piece of art.

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