Pearl Jam - Underrated and overrated

Here to talk about Pearl Jam and the most underrated and overrated songs of their catalogue, always in my opinion, of course. Don't forget to let me know your opinion in the comment section.


Evacuation (Binaural)
A song that is not appreciated by many and with a title with an easy "joke".
I listen to it often and willingly, trying in vain to understand what happens in the rhythm section in the break before the second chorus. After 10 years of listening I still haven't figured it out, but maybe it's better that way.

Hitchiker (Lost Dogs)
"You fool!" Big cheerful and light-hearted B-side, with an infectious melody.
I had the privilege of hearing the live "baptism" for this song at the magnificent Manchester 2012 concert. Too many years after its conception.

Parachutes (Pearl jam)
A song that so many have not liked, at the release of the much criticized "Pearl Jam", while for me it is a strong point of the album, with its pace halfway between a Beatles song and a lullaby. Very sweet, I also like the lyrics a lot, very poetic.

Severed hand (Pearl jam)
Same as above. It is true, he has the riff borrowed from Porch, but to me, it is a great song also for the very sketchy lyrics. After Come Back is probably my favourite piece from the self-titled album. "You'll see dragons after 3 or 4... I said yeeeeaaaaahhh". Oh, even the first comment on YouTube says this song is underrated. At least it's the two of us...

Sad (Lost dogs)
Sad an "outtake"?? Well, I love this song. However, Pearl Jam didn't put it on any album, despite everything. However, it was included in Lost Dogs, a collection of B-sides / outtakes but in my opinion, deserved better luck. 


One thing I love about Pearl jam is the fact that every single setlist is completely different from the previous one, you can go and see them as many times as you want and listen to a lot of songs taken far and wide from their repertoire. But there is always one: EVEN FLOW! Nothing to say about the song,  great one from the successful Ten, but for those who have many bootlegs of the band and have been following them for many years like me, enough is enough. You can listen to one of the 3249232034 live versions by clicking on the title.

Elderly woman behind the counter in a small town (VS)
Same reason as Even flow. They don't always do it, but almost. I think I got it 6 times out of 7, in my live experience with Pearl Jam. Short title, however. Just announcing it almost takes away space for another song.  

Mankind (No code)
For many, it's always a nice surprise when this song sung by Stone Gossard appears on the setlists. The problem for me is just that, Stone Gossard, who should stay well away from the microphone. It is not out of tune, just to be clear, but his voice comes to me extremely flat, nasal and without any emotion. 

Who you are (No code)
Pearl Jam wanted to change register and shock everyone with the album No Code (including Gossard's vocals, perhaps), anticipated by this single, Who You Are. Personally, I am still shocked by the ugliness of this song, which also ended up on the Greatest Hits. Ok, the strangeness and being out of the box is a no for me.

Sleight of hand (Binaural)
Taken from an underrated album, Binaural. Many people love this song, but I find it slightly soporific, what can I do... Soporific but with good taste, I have to admit. I can sleep happy.
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