Realation - What Lies Beneath

what lies beneath

Realation is a new Grunge alternative metal band consisting of Steve Feliciano (guitar/vocals), Vincent Lane (Vocals/bass guitar) and Matt Loucks on drums. This is their first EP of their career called What lies beneath - 5 tracks for 21 minutes of music.

Keyboards and a hypnotic riff start the opener Not meant for me. Great drumming and some relaxed vocals on the verses exploding in a great riff, under oriental atmosphere and some tool-influenced bass lines. The song is very rich and totally inspired, with lots of ups and downs and with impressive work done from every point of view.

Dream theater vibes (what a riff!) for the second track Selfish, with an impressive rhythm section, guitar solo and a very good chorus. FYI features an impressive job behind the microphone with meticulous backing vocals while Guilt Hangover is a sort of power ballad with frantic drumming during the verses, an explosive chorus and the usual impressive guitar solo, powerful and technically impressive. Isabella is the closing track of the EP and it was previously released as a single, as well as the opener Not meant for me, in 2020. Nice arpeggio for another power ballad with another powerful chorus. This one is probably the most radio-friendly song on this EP.

Realation is an extremely talented band and What lies beneath is an impressive EP with a great sound and a great performance by Steve, Vincent and Matt. Quality and inspired music, it's very difficult for me to choose my favourite song on this one. Give it a try by clicking on the Spotify link below and don't forget to follow the band if you like what you hear.
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