Sintesi del Viaggio di Es - Gli alberi di Stavropol Review

gli alberi di stavropol

Sintesi del Viaggio di Es was born around 2013 in Italy. At the beginning of their career, it was formed as Sintesi Quartet, an acoustic group that set out to do acoustic rock with bass guitar-viola-voice. After about 6 months, the group changes lineup and bassist Valerio Roda and guitarist Sauro Musi decided to abandon the acoustic dimension to switch to the electric one with the help of drummer Nicola Alberghini, with experience in various musical genres, and the former keyboardist of the Curtains Maurizio Pezzoli. The singer, ex Sithonia, Marco Giovannini is also added to the new project.

In December 2017 the first album, entitled “Il sole alle Spalle”, was released for Lizard Records.
The record received excellent reviews in trade magazines in Europe, Canada, the United States, Peru, Argentina and Japan. Here today to talk about their brand new album called "Gli alberi di Stavropol", out this January, with 10 new tracks. 

The album starts with a slow pace with the short "Come le foglie part 1" (part II will follow later...) with a very nice bass. A good opening track for the title track, "Gli alberi di Stavropol": drums, gain and a beautiful guitar solo in the middle of the song followed by a nice transverse flute section. "Regina in lacrime" has a very nice and melodious chorus and a very nice instrumental break in the middle. Some songs have some NWOTBHM vibes like "L'etá d'oro", definitely one of my favourites of the album and "Una nuova passeggiata", during the break in the middle. Also Strade di fango, with a solid and a great guitar riff and the instrumental "Grazie per gli anni e per i giorni" reminding me of Pink Floyd. "Il viaggio di Es" is the closing track, 14 minutes long with all different aspects of the musical souls of the band. 

If you are into old-style progressive rock and Early NWOBHM give Gli alberi di Stavropol a try and follow Sintesi del viaggio di Es, a very good band.

Marco Giovannini - voice
Sauro Musi - guitar
Valerio Roda - bass
Maurizio Pezzoli - keyboards
Eleonora Montenegro - transverse flute
Nicola Alberghini - drums

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