Strangelight - The World Needs Laughter Review

STRANGELIGHT is a band from Oakland, California, consisting of vocalist and guitarist Nat Coghlan, drummer Julia Lancer, Ian Miller on bass and Tony Teixeira on guitar and vocals.

The band has released a full-length called Adult themes back in 2020 and now the four American guys are back with a brand new EP called The World Needs Laughter, a very short one - no frills, with 4 tracks almost 9 minutes long. 

Let's press play and a very contagious guitar riff leads the opener To do list, while the second track is a nervous punk track - Headache Aesthetic - with relaxed vocals (on angry music) on the verses and a very angry chorus. Great track, this is my favourite track of the EP.  Lead Blanket reminds me of some old tune by Faith no more (it's definitely a compliment, given my love for Mike Patton and company). Very short is the closing title track, another pure vibrant punk track with great drumming and a straight to the point/aggressive chorus.

The music of this The World Needs Laughter is very energetic and vibrant. Give it a go through the Spotify player below and, if you like what you hear, don't forget to follow the band through the links below.

Giovanni Gagliano

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