Type O Negative makes me feel good

Type O Negative has always been recognized as the quintessential gothic metal band. For better or for worse they were important for that kind of very evil, sinister and gloomy music, which was distinguished thanks to the use of the double bass (see Black song no. 1 at the bottom of the page) played by Peter Steele as if it were an electric bass, which makes the overall sound very special and interesting for a metal band.

Surely the band of the late Peter Steele, a very particular singer, born in 1962 - made famous also for his stature (he was more than two meters tall!) And also known for his vampire attitudes, and for his baritone and dark voice that matches his behemoth physique perfectly, with a sense of humor he has always denigrated. The band's lyrics are completely written by him, where he talks about love, addiction and death. He mentions the Black Sabbath and the Beatles among his keys of inspiration.

In 1993 he released his third album "Bloody Kisses" with lyrics also focused on sex, an ode to the goth tradition. The song opens with a slow and calm intro, with the rain that acts as an atmosphere, with keyboards that intervene creating even more a very medieval and vampire aura that makes it one of the most beautiful songs ever recorded by the New York band.

I like this very dark imagery. Leaving aside the stereotypes that say that those who listen to a certain type of music are depressed, I refute by saying that music is art in all its forms and sometimes these very rhythmic sounds can help the listener to reflect and make decisions.

In short, listening to Type O Negative makes me feel good: every type of art can give different emotions to the person, and luckily we are not all the same.

(By Simone Riccobono)

Giovanni Gagliano

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