Under Delusion - Awaken

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Under delusion is a Rock band from Moscow. The music is given depth and richness by a blend of guitar riffs and synth grooves, with deep timbered female vocals leading the way. Their sound distinguishes out for its unique approach to alternative rock, balancing familiarity with an unmistakable identity. The band comprised of musicians into their thirties, speaks volumes on behalf of life-long enthusiasm and experience brought together. 

Their new single is called Awaken and you can see the really simple but stylish cover above. The song starts with keys and a nice and simple bass line, followed by low-timbered female vocals. Vocal lines are spot on and the chorus is really well made and catchy, reminding me of some 80s atmosphere, something like Depeche Mode, to my ears, with unusual but very interesting female vocals. The chorus will stay in your head for a while.

Press play on the player below to listen to the song and don't forget to follow the band through the links below if you like what you hear. 

The song is also on the Spotify playlist called "New talents". Make sure to follow it if you want to keep up with new great music from independent bands and artists. 

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