Volbeat - Servant of the Mind

Two years after the last Rewind, Replay, Rebound, the Volbeat are back. 

Jacob Hansen (Amaranthe, The Black Dahlia Murder, Pretty Maids, Epica, Evergrey, and countless more...) produced the new album Servant of the Mind, which features thirteen tracks (see tracklist at the end of the review). The entire album was composed in just three months, according to leader Michael Poulsen, and has all of the traditional aspects that the foursome has made their own over the course of their more than twenty-year history.

Thanks to asphalting guitars and powerful drums, Temple of Ekur erupts and cracks in the speakers, Poulsen's voice intones tight verses and an open chorus, the flavour of the D.A.D. pervades the harmonies and distills a fraction of immense beauty. The two singles, Wait a Minute My Girl and the catchy Dagen Før, are instantly memorable: the first one has an excellent sax solo in the middle and a piano, the second instantly discharges sparks, in a crescendo rewarded by the female double vocal, which features Stine Bramsen as a guest, giving freshness to the song.

A dark arpeggio offers straightness to the entire phase, infernal riffs give birth to a thunderous ride reminiscent of early Metallica, and The Sacred Stones is born. Heavy work, but incredibly fascinating and enjoyable: it's lovely to hear the axes preach the metallic word in 2022, replete with deluded soloism. Shotgun Blues grinds the reinforced concrete with riffs and instrumental compactness, while the singer's voice ignites high accents: another good jolt of energy.

The Devil Rages On sounds awful at first, yet in the middle of the song, the rock and roll vein breaks and the image is suddenly transformed. Say No More fires off a vintage chopper riff with a diabolical drumming, which, of course, switches direction: A genuine great piece of 80s metal! 

Heaven's Descent with the almost rockabilly warbling in the middle of the timing and the superb guitar solo, the goal was also met. The Passenger captivates at first listen with its melting pot sound, and the feeling of trying to figure out which solution the musicians would use in the subsequent passage is lovely. Step Into Light floats through a sea of oriental guitars, strong riffs, and mutant atmospheres while Becoming has a tremendously rocky, nearly thrash sound, mixed with a great hyper-melodic chorus. 

A good and tight release. this new Servant of the Mind is a joy to listen to from the first to the last minute of music, demonstrating how Volbeat has a tireless compositional chameleon, proving the band's value throughout the years. For those who enjoy a rough and hefty mix with a nod to the past and strong infusions of rock and roll, all borrowed from dynamics, fresh and catalysing sounds, this is a must-have. 

Review by Metalhead

1. Temple of Ekur
2. Wait a Minute My Girl
3. The Sacred Stones
4. Shotgun Blues
5. The Devil Rages On
6. Say No More
7. Heaven’s Descent
8. Deagen Før
9. The Passenger
10. Step Into Light
11. Becoming
12. Mindlock
13. Lasse’s Brigitta
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