Americana #8

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Hey guys, here for a selection of Americana music, music that I love to listen to in different moments of the day.

All the songs below are included on my Americana playlist here. Follow it if you like it and don't forget to follow the artists/bands too!


Melanie MacLaren - Deep Dark Sleep  

Josh Tobias - Bleeding Love (Leona Lewis Cover)  

Derek Dames Ohl - The Roses Wilt  

Space Dudes - Honey Funk

Peter Donovan - 'You Told Me Not To Call (I'm Wasted)"  
Johnny Bird - Need You Now  
Kimberly Morgan York - Don't Cry to Me  
 Bailey Bigger - You, Somehow  
HAYDEN HADDOCK - Better Than Your Memory

Charissa - People Like You  
Tom Andes - Rescue Me
Giovanni Gagliano

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