Cuffs - Watch Me Die

CUFFS' latest single, Watch Me Die, is now available for streaming. The lyrics on Watch Me Die are about mental health and how people will watch as your mental health deteriorates but will not go out of their way to aid you. The resources available to assist those who are suffering are nearly depleted; it is critical that you go out to those who are hurting and offer your support.

CUFFS, like their prior albums, shows that they have a remarkable ability to dig into societal and mental health issues. They're demonstrating that they're more than simply loud noises; they're a deep-thinking, well-thought-out band with the ability to connect with their audience.

CUFFS wanted their latest song to capture their raw, high-energy, emotional live acts, engineered and produced by Matthew Cook Producer, processed by Pete Maher Mastering, and artwork made by Flowers & Bones. The band has been gigging nonstop since the beginning of 2019. They're honing their art and establishing themselves as a crazy live band. CUFFS performed at the Attitude and Turbulence festivals in 2021 among artists such as Bob Vylan, Haggard Cat, Death Goals, and El Moono.

This is their new single, called Watch Me Die. Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow the band on social media.
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