Ellery Twining - REVENGE

Revenge is the name of the debut solo LP from the 17 Relics, Low-Beam, and Slander drummer Ellery Twining. It was released on January 17, 2022 and produced by Eric Lichter at Dirt Floor Recording & Production Haddam, CT - Engineered by Guido Falivene - All Songs were written by Ellery Twining.

Revenge was recorded between 20 October and 13 December 2021 and mastered by Steve Wytas at Dirt Floor. 

Rich Freitas, an artist and multi-instrumentalist who has been a drummer for various bands in the rock music industry for over 30 years, is the man behind that identity. After a period of not composing any music, the notion of making a record – just making his own songs without forming a band – sprang into his head. As a result, he created the alias Ellery Twinning, a solo project under which he published the album.

Give the album Revenge it a go by clicking on the Bandcamp player below and don't forget to follow Ellery Twining on social media.


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