Harsh Language - Melancholia

‘Harsh Language’ is a two-piece alt-rock band from London, riffing on a life-long love of guitar music and embracing samples, synths and sounds to create an emotive wall of melodic noise.

Sean Shreeve (Freeze The Atlantic, Spectrum 7) started out as a solo project, and Harsh Language is a development of that first project, taking those first cross-genre concepts spanning hard rock and niche electronica and growing on them both sonically and emotionally. Harsh Language's debut EP, 'Distortions,' was published online during the lockdown in 2020, a 7-track mission statement that introduced the act and gave a peek of the common love of music. After a year and a half of being in and out of lockdown, composing and playing performances whenever they could, the band reformed in late 2021, with Rob Green joining on bass to round out the sound and add a fresh viewpoint.

The duo just released a new single called Melancholia with a Keyboard horror riff (?!) and clean and very precise vocals. The highlight of the song for me is the chorus: very open, powerful and melodic at the same time. There is also a great guitar riffing, very angry, in the central break of the song. Melancholia is very a peculiar song with lots of musical contamination, very interesting and amazingly performed by Harsh language.

Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify link below and don't forget to follow the band if you like what you hear.

Giovanni Gagliano

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