Hyperspace Metal Festival Lineup

Hyperspace Metal Festival Lineup

April 15 – 17 – Vancouver, BC, Canada

Hyperspace Metal Festival is pleased to announce DIRE PERIL will be joining the 2022 lineup for the third night of the festival on April 17th. The band is replacing Paladin, who unfortunately had to drop off this year's event.

The American sci-fi power metal duo DIRE PERIL features vocalist John Yelland (Judicator) and Jason Ashcraft whom will now be doing triple-guitar duty as he will also be performing with his other bands Helion Prime and Planeswalker also scheduled on the festival.

"This is nuts! When HMF organizer Joey Hockin first asked if Dire Peril would like to jump on I politely declined as I thought performing and steering three bands would kill me, but immediately I changed my mind and decided I was down for the challenge! Plus this will make up for not doing any heavy gigging since the Helion Prime tour in 2019. I look forward to returning to Canada and Hyperspace!" says Ashcraft.

HMF organizer Joey Hockin also adds:

"Unfortunately due to logistical challenges, Paladin is not able to make it to Hyperspace this year. We hope we'll get another chance to host them in the future. In their place, we're excited to welcome Dire Peril back into the lineup! This means Jason Ashcraft will be playing THREE SETS during Hyperspace. Hyperspace is now less than 2 months away and it is time to start getting excited!"

The third edition of HMF was originally announced for April 2020, but postponed due to the Covid pandemic. Now with the return of live events, festival promoter Journeyman Productions shares the rescheduled 2022 lineup to be held in Vancouver, BC from April 15th – 17th at Funky Winker Beans and the Rickshaw Theatre.

The lineup for Canada’s premier melodic and power metal festival will feature 20 bands, some originally announced for the 2020 production along with a few new additions that will perform over three nights with headliners Into Eternity, Witherfall, and Iron Kingdom (full lineup listed below).

Tickets are on sale at eventbrite.ca
18$ CAD pre-sale for a single-day ticket, $25 CAD for a single-day ticket at the door.
50$ CAD for a 3-day festival pass.
Facebook Event here.

Highlights of the confirmed bands include dark melodic heavy metal juggernauts Witherfall from Los Angeles blazing new trails and weaving new tales in support of their latest 2021 album “Curse of Autumn” (Century Media Records), local Vancouver heavy metal heroes Iron Kingdom, who are HMF alumni and make their second appearance on the festival lineup after headlining the inaugural 2018 event. In addition to those bands, two extremely rare performances will be witnessed for Planeswalker (California/Cyprus), a Magic The Gathering inspired power metal duo featuring members of Helion Prime and Dire Peril along with a reunion set from Victoria, BC’s Archon Legion, which features members of Unleash The Archers.

Over the two years that Hyperspace Metal Festival has been running, bands from all over the world have come to play power, prog, and speed metal on the Canadian West Coast. The festival has presented lineups that have included performances by Crimson Shadows, West of Hell, Judicator, Odinfist, Tanagra, Scythia, Greyhawk, The Order of Chaos, Red Cain, and many more.

Hyperspace Metal Festival 2022 Lineup:

April 15 (Funky Winker Beans)
Iron Kingdom
Silver Talon
Forsaken Rite

April 16 (Rickshaw Theatre)
Archon Legion
Ravenous E.H
Ophelia Falling

April 17 (Rickshaw Theatre)
Into Eternity
Helion Prime
Dire Peril
Winters Reach

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