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Today let's have a chat with the guys from Broken Empire, a band from Oxford, UK. We are going to talk about their music and music in general.

- Hi guys and welcome to this interview. Tell us about your latest release Disguise.

Ieuan Owen (Vocals & Rhythm Guitar): Our latest release is probably the one we have been the most excited about for some time! As regular followers of ours already know, we have been working on our debut album since the release of our last EP ‘Noumenal World’ back in November 2020. We knew it wasn’t really a process that we could afford to rush, so we apologise to our fans that have been very patient waiting for us to release something new!

Matt Stevens (Lead Guitar): That’s right, so our next release is a single called ‘Disguise’ which is taken from our upcoming debut album! A lot of bands will come up with some sort of overly obscure reason why they choose a particular track to release from an album, but we like to be honest, and basically it was the first one we finished writing!

- How would you describe your sound?

Marco Arena (Bass Guitar): One of us once said: "Broken Empire sounds is the gap in between modern rock and modern metal" I do agree with that

Ricky Hill (Drums): Haha, what Marco said! We are the bridge between rock and metal, some of our stuff can be more on the rock side of things then we have some songs that combine metal and the heavier side of rock.

MS: We’re the lovechild of hard Rock and new wave metal

- What do you write about?

IO: Mainly I like to write about personal experiences, whether that be about a past relationship, or stuff going through my head at the time of writing. I definitely find it easier to write about what I know!

- What do you listen to when you are home?

MA: Whatever comes to my inspiration that day! Oh yeah, just discovered a dude called Tom Auton recently! Nice music!

RH: I listen to a lot of Tremonti, really loving the new SION album, Mammoth WVH…… I also listen to a lot of Drum and Bass as I DJ for fun and have been really getting into my Tech House at the moment.

MS: My Mrs!!

- Your favourite live performance so far?

MS: For me, it’s our O2 Academy gig supporting The Fallen State

RH: Either Fallen State at O2 Oxford or Stormbringer at The Roadmender Northampton

IO: It’s hard to pick just one, different gigs are good for different reasons, some better crowd, others better sound etc. I couldn’t pick just one!

MA: Definitely our last gig in Swindon, was something epic and memorable, as we weren’t headlining but we got the most crowd that night and a remarkable performance as well! Such a great feeling!

- Tell us a funny story that happened in the studio or on stage

MS: Marco once accidentally set fire to a bass amp during a gig and we had to abandon the set!

MA: Ieuan and I accidentally swapped our guitar cables during a changeover on stage and then we are wondering why nothing was working! There were a few seconds of panicking and then realising how stupid we were!

RH: Well there are a few and I think most of them involve Marco! One that comes to mind first, we were practicing in my garage at home and we decided to take a break as we'd been at it for a few hours, so everyone stepped outside for some fresh air and as soon as Marco steps out a bird decides Marcos shoulder would be a great place for him to have a shit!! 

- Your favourite albums?

IO: As Daylight Dies - Killswitch Engage

MS: Best of Thin Lizzy for me!

MA: It’s almost impossible to answer this question… and for this reason I’ll definitely say something with the risk of being insulted by the other members of the band saying: The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance. (I’ve literally loved everything about that album, including the packaging and its smell!)

RH: I may have to cheat slightly on this one, I always say Fortress - Alter Bridge but I have to say the new Tremonti Album, Marching In Time has kind of stolen that top spot for me at the moment.

- A musician you would like to meet for a beer?

MA: Tim Commerford (RATM) or Chris Kael (F5DP)

MS: John Petrucci 

RH: Garrett Whitlock, former Tremonti and current Mammoth WVH drummer, just so we could talk drums for hours and hopefully he could teach me some sick fills!

IO: Tough one, but probably James Hetfield!

- What would you ask for backstage, if you were the most important band on earth?

IO: Plenty of Vocalzone tea, and maybe some Revels but with all of the coffee one’s removed!

MA: A hot hydromassage and a cocktail for a nice relax-time before our tough show! xD

MS: full gaming arcade, roast dinner, spa

RH: I always remember playing in Northampton at a great small venue which has now sadly been closed but they had a PlayStation with a full steering wheel and racing seat setup, that was a lot of fun! I'd just be happy with some good food and a few beers! 

- What are your plans for the near future?

MA: Obviously the next big thing for us is to finally get our album out there! It’s been a huge part of our lives for the past 15 months, so we can’t wait for everyone to finally hear it!

IO: Yeah, it’s all about the album for us in 2022! We are hoping to get a small UK tour put together to promote its release, which will be great fun. And maybe another music video, so watch this space!

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