Looting from the past - 1987

By Enrico Spinelli

The musical structure becomes even wider and more varied and numerous classic albums are released, so the article here inevitably becomes long. The expensive cd format takes over, which will gradually take the place of the good old vinyl (which, to be clear, costs 1/3) and new realities are appearing on the record market, especially in certain fields. But let's take it easy and do step by step. 

On the metal front, the great leap in the quality of Savatage after the sensational flop of "Fight For The Rock", while Ronnie James Dio marks his fourth solo center. Running Wild consolidate their pirate concept, giving "Under Jolly Roger" two anthems to metal fans, the title track and Raise your Fist, while compatriots Helloween present the new singer Michael Kiske with a simply perfect album. 

While Manowar try the most radio record card, Black Sabbath try to re-emerge with a new singer Tony Martin, here too the results will be excellent but alas the mantra will continue to be "Black Sabbath are Ozzy". Great work for Armored Saint, too bad that they too will reap very little of what is sown. Hard-rock prides itself on the sensational debut of Guns n' Roses (on which it is superfluous to dwell) and the excellent works of Def Leppard, Mötley Crue and Whitesnake

Extreme metal gets its head firmly out of both American and German thrash metal, through to King Diamond's second album, concept horror, and Bathory's violent "Under The Sign of the Black Mark". If death metal takes pride in the debut of Napalm Death, we celebrate the apparent end of a great story, Death SS, obviously before Steve Sylvester puts the line-up back on its feet, with a collection of the first recordings. If the metal front is in excellent health, the same can be said for the rock front; U2 released a perfect album and RAMONES also fly high. After a weak return, the Aerosmith correct the shot and return to convince, as well as the Cure and Alice Cooper

Depeche Mode released Music from the masses and Gary Moore the epic "Wild Frontiers". And if Bruce Springsteen records his most commercial album and soon puts the E-Street Band aside, the Alan Parsons Project will close a brilliant discography with a concept album about the artist Gaudi. Nick Mason and David Gilmour put the Pink Floyd name back around with a great record, although to be honest there is little or nothing left of the original band. Finally, the curious case of Jethro Tull who with the new, splendid album, blows Metallica the Grammy as.... "best metal group" !! Could I have left you without a small hint of real life?! Of course not! Yours truly one was just 2 years old at the time and did not do very much but Christmas arrived two weeks in advance, bringing him his best friend, his brother, as a gift.

- SAVATAGE Hall of the Mountain King
- DIO Dream Evil
- BLACK SABBATH Eternal Idol
- DEF LEPPARD Hysteria
- GUNS'N'ROSES Appetite For Destruction
- HELLOWEEN Keeper of the Seven Keys I
- MANOWAR Fighting the World
- MÖTLEY CRÜE Girls Girls Girls
- RUSH Hold Your Fire
- RUNNING WILD Under Jolly Roger
- WHITESNAKE Whitesnake (aka 1987)
- DEATH SS The Story of Death SS 1977-1984
- BATHORY Under The Sign of the Black Mark
- DEATH Scream Bloody Gore
- SEPULTURA Schizofrenia
- ANTHRAX Among The Living
- KREATOR Terrible Certainty
- TESTAMENT The Legacy
- TANKARD Chemical Invasion
- VOIVOD Killing Technology
- DEATH ANGEL Ultraviolence
- SODOM Persecution Mania
- ARMORED SAINT Raising Fear
- RAMONES Halfway to Sanity
- PINK FLOYD A Momentary Lapse of Reason
- U2 The Joshua Tree
- AEROSMITH Permanent Vacation
- ALICE COOPER Raise Your Fist And Yell
- THE CURE Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
- JETHRO TULL Crest of a Knave
- GARY MOORE Wild Frontiers
- DEPECHE MODE Music for the Masses
- JOE COCKER Unchained My Heart
Giovanni Gagliano

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